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Ayurveda in Sanskrit means 'science of life'.Ayur means life ...
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Ayurveda offers a veriety of oil massages.The body constitution ..
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‘Panchakarma’is a method of treatment, which includes five ..
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Some of our traditional massages like pizhichil, Njavarakizhi,Dhara..
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This care treatment includes body massage like Rejuvenation..
Spa Treatments and Massages for the whole body..
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We established in 2002 and is located near Varkala beach of Kerala. We at Mruthasanjeevani with over 25 years of experience in production and practice in authentic and traditional science of Ayurveda. We have a group of experienced doctors who are specialized   in different areas.We provides ‘ayurvedic food’, ‘specialist refer and consulting’, ‘online consulting’. 

Ayurveda is the oldest surviving complete medical system in the world. Derived from its ancient Sanskrit roots - ‘ayus' (life) and ‘ved' (knowledge) – and offering a rich, comprehensive outlook to a healthy life, its origins go back nearly 5000 years. To when it was expounded and practiced by the same spiritual rishis, who laid the foundations of the Vedic civilisation in India, by organising the fundamentals of life into proper systems.


Here we offer many ayurveda courses where students can understand various aspects of Ayurveda from qualified ayurvedic practitioners, teachers & Special Doctors. All these courses are such practically oriented that students can start their prosperous careers right away.

* Basic principles of Ayurveda

* Ayurvedic Massage therapy

* Panchakarma training programs and all kind of traditional treatments

     7 Days
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     21 Days
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